Cannabis Insomniacs – Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

One of the main reasons I personally medicate with cannabis is to combat insomnia. I’m a card carrying member of the cannabis insomniacs club. Nothing else seems to help quiet my mind and ease me into sleep.  Other insomniacs will understand how hard it can be to fall asleep. We can’t just let our heads hit the pillow, count sheep up to 23 and be snoring for 8 hours. There will be 1,000 thoughts rushing through our heads. The carnival kicks into high gear for us in those late hours. Cannabis is a great tool for insomniacs to quiet these crazy mechanizations of the mind.

Cannabis Insomniacs – Goodbye, Sleepless Nights

While I personally use cannabis to medicate for a variety of reasons, I’d say insomnia might just be the biggest reason. I’ve had trouble falling asleep my entire life – my creativity thrives in the hours from midnight until dusk. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be detrimental to maintaining healthy sleep patterns. Exercise works in fatiguing the body, and helps the sleep process. But it doesn’t quiet the mind. And that’s what cannabis does for cannabis insomniacs – helps them settle into sleep. As opposed to lying awake for 3 hours, glancing at the clock in 42 minute increments of time. But enough about my personal experience, let’s dive into how cannabis and insomnia interact on a more general basis.

Indica dominant strains prove far more useful for cannabis insomniacs. Sativa leaves one feeling invigorated, enthusiastic, and energized. Indica does just the opposite – it helps users to feel relaxed and stress free.  As mentioned in the CBN informational, aged cannabis tends to become a more effective sleep aid as it ages! CBN is five times as sedating as THC. So while some people like to smoke only the freshest of buds, if you’re an insomniac and are seeking relief, you might want to start a secondary jar. Throw a nug or two every time you restock, and let them age.  The more they age, the more likely you’ll get a deep sleep. I’m talking puppy sleep.

indica or sativa for sleep

Cannabis is also documented to work positively with other sleep aids. Melatonin, Valerian Root, and 5-HTP, can be used in tandem with cannabis as an “anti-insomnia stack.” For some, this could be the silver bullet, as restful sleep can be very hard to achieve.  Another thing worth noting – smoking or vaporizing cannabis has a quicker effect. An edible will take longer to kick in, but for those who have trouble staying asleep, the long term effects of edibles might help them achieve less restless sleeps.

There are a few drawbacks to be weary of. If you’re an avid dreamer, you’ll likely notice cannabis severely impairs dream recall.  So if you’re writing a dream journal or indulging in lucid dreaming – beware. Others cannabis insomniacs may experience a “hangover” the next day. Usually this is due to smoking too much, or pesticide laced buds. Always aim for quality over quantity. If you find yourself with a “cannabis hangover” (which is nothing compared to alcohol hangovers), eat some vitamins and rehydrate. The foggy head will clear up quick with some coffee, too.

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