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What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is the concentrated and distilled form of marijuana leaves. The plant’s materials are stripped away with a solvent such as grain alcohol, leaving only the marijuana oil behind. Though some combine marijuana oil with others to create an assortment of edible weed oil-infused products for recreational purposes, cannabis oil is most well known for its medicinal purposes.

Similar to marijuana, weed oil has two main ingredients in it. The most active ingredient is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the second most active ingredient is CBD (cannabidiol). Oil brands that are used for medicinal purposes are much less potent with THC than those that are used for recreational purposes, however, both ingredients that are present are known for their therapeutic properties.

While you can buy cannabis oil, people often learn how to make cannabis oil because you can never be quite sure what is in a purchased product. They are often very high in sugar content. When you make it at home, you have complete control over its concentration and its ingredients. If you buy cannabis oil, it is likely processed with other ingredients, making it far less pure, and it does not have dosage standardization, so you may not be sure what you are getting into. The nutritional labeling is also often inaccurate.


How to Make Cannabis Oil


If you are interested in using weed oil as a medication, you can make it at home and incorporate it into either edible products or use it with a vaporizer. Cannabis-infused oil is a versatile medium, as it can be used in several ways such as an addition to salad dressings, in baked goods, or just sautéing vegetables.



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