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If you’re looking to stay mellow and slip into a blissful state of complete relaxation, here are a few indica strains that can help you do that successfully.

Blue Widow

If you’re looking for a strain that’s both uplifting and calming, then Blue Widow might be what you’re after. Blue Widow has a sweet, robust aroma that can take on notes of citrus and pine. Look for a coat of long, orange hairs covering the colorful buds.

Blueberry Widow should have a tint of purple or blue, and this indica-dominant strain provides those who use it with a mental, heady sensation. With a higher dose, you’ll find that the heavenly relaxation can lead to drowsiness, so Blueberry Widow is an excellent strain for someone who needs help with insomnia.  

This strain is a cross between White Widow and Blueberry, and it will grow taller than most other indica strains. You’ll sometimes find it under the names Blue Venom, White Berry, and Berry White.


CannaSutra’s name is derived from the Karma Sutra, a Sanskrit love guide. It’s an indica-dominant strain made from the parent strains Sensi Star and Reclining Buddha. If you’re looking to heighten your romantic interludes, then this is the strain for you.

CannaSutra hones your senses, lets you stay mentally alert, but provides a mellow experience perfect for daytime consumption.

The flavor is a mixture of incense and sweet hash accents. It will leave you with a peaceful and relaxed feeling while you carry out your day or make love to that special someone. 

Tangerine Kush

Tangerine Kush is reminiscent of warm California sunshine, and its name comes from the brilliant orange hair covering its buds as well as its bright citrus flavor. The effects of this strain are short, but it’s quite potent with a fast onset.

It’s ideal for lazy day relaxation as it provides a blissful body high. Tangerine Kush is also felt more in the head than other types of indicas, and it can make users feel uplifted and energized at first. After a short time, the weighty, tranquil sensations take effect.

When you’re searching for a strain to help you feel peaceful and content, Tangerine Kush is worth a shot.


Gelato is a tempting hybrid derived from the parent strains Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It’s native to the Bay Area, and it has a fruity smell common with Cookie family plants. The aroma of the Cookie family is akin to dessert and the plant blooms dark purple with bright orange hairs. You’ll also find a coating of shiny white crystal resin.

The euphoria experienced with Gelato can be hefty and intense, so new users should proceed carefully. Gelato can be enjoyed during the day. You’ll be able to relax deeply, but many people find that their minds stay alert enough to keep their productivity and creativity high.

Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica delivers a sedating mind calm with heavy body sensations. It’s 90% indica and a cross of Northern Lights and Afghan. If you’re having trouble sleeping, Aurora Indica is a potent strain for treating insomnia. It also helps with pain so, overall, it’s great for helping people relax and get a peaceful night of sleep.

This plant is short, and it produces fat, solid buds that are dusted with an abundant layer of crystal resin. With different growing conditions, different phenotypes develop, and this gives way to diverse bud structures. The aromas associated with this strain range from floral to fruity.


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