Cure Skin Cancer in 30 Days with Cannabis

Dawn Darington is a pioneer in the medical cannabis community. She has spent the last couple of decades dedicated to the Washington State medical movement, healing a multitude of patients with cannabis. With the medical marijuana system on the rocks in Washington State, Dawn’s primary mission now is education. A couple of months ago, as I was … Read moreCure Skin Cancer in 30 Days with Cannabis


At GanjaProps, we only want the best for our customers. Your health and happiness are of the utmost important to us, and we want you to be informed about all the best options available to you when it comes to selecting a product. If you’re looking to stay mellow and slip into a blissful state … Read moreSTRAINS TO KEEP YOU MELLOW

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria

Feelings of euphoria can be benefited by anyone, which is described as an overwhelming feeling of well-being, happiness, and joy. In a state of euphoria, you feel free from any stress, safe, and more carefree. Experiencing euphoria is one of the best parts of being human. A sense of euphoria can be brought about by certain … Read moreTop 5 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria