Weed Strains To Boost Your Creativity

These strains (indica or sativa for creativity) will have you busting through barriers in imagination you never knew could be overcome.

The best weed for creative writing uplifting and best strain for creativity and focus, strains typically herald from a sativa dominant background. Their energetic and hallucinogenic nature lending themselves to the creative arts. No good being couch locked by a strong indica if you’re trying to paint the next Sistine Chapel!

Best enjoyed with a vaporizer, this will ensure you get the cleanest possible smoke with minimal plant matter. High-grade concentrates like bubble hash or butane hash oil prove the best candidates, giving you that instant creative hit without the coughing and spluttering that sometimes follows your favourite blunt.



Purple trainwreck strain

Trainwreck is based on a strain fabled to be the result of a trainwreck near two brothers, forcing them to harvest their crop for fears of being discovered. Like the name, hitting this particular strain hard can leave the novice smoker ‘wrecked’, easily overpowering the enthusiastic. Whilst making it past the sometimes overpowering high can prove tricky, the creative rewards are bountiful, inducing a strong, happy cerebral high.


sour diesel price

Originally from California, Sour Diesel gives off a pungent aromatic aroma. Nearly 90% sativa it has become the strain of choice for many celebrities, often featured in numerous songs, partly due to its distinctive smell. Titled with being one of the most powerful cannabis strains on the plant you will not be left feeling disappointed.

#3 AK-47

ak 47 strain yield

A cannabis cup winner to name but a few of the awards this strain has won. Aptly named after the infamous Kalashnikov rifle this particular strain is just as reliable and efficient. A fast and easy to grow strain, making it perfect for those budding artists turned recreational cannabis growers. Often referred to as the “One Hit Wonder”, you’ll be left ploughing through creative projects with its motivating high.


Blue dream price

Often found in high demand, this top 10 performer amongst Californians is the combination of Haze and Blueberry strain genetics. Boasting a two stage high, the lemony, tangy aromas will hit you first, giving you that trademark sativa high. Not long after surfing waves of uplifting high you will be met with the second stage, a more relaxed high aiding in pain relief. Blue Dream is perfect for unwinding after a busy day developing new ideas.



amnesia haze yield

Not a strain to be forgotten about, despite the name. Amnesia Haze blends genetics from both sides of the Atlantic. A classic in Dutch coffee shops, its mind focused high helps to wash away the worries of the day. All that’s left is for you to take this new found freedom from self-consciousness and create!



durban poison seeds for sale

Don’t let the name fool you. Pure in nature, Durban Poison Strain is is an unhybridised 100% sativa, , featuring only the best genetics. Originating in South Africa it proclaims a unique taste, somewhat like liquorice or aniseed. Despite being unique in flavour it brings a high we all know and love, perfect for smoking throughout the day with a THC content of between 8-9%. Subtle enough to aid those long projects.


arjan’s haze #3 strain review

Good things come in small packages, a phrase worth remembering with this small but strong strain. Capable of huge yields when grown both indoors and outdoors you’d be a fool to underestimate her, given this distinct strain is one of the smallest sativas available. Sweet and fruity in nature, Arjans Haze develops huge candle-shaped flowers with alluring light orange stigmas. Not only is the high inspiring but the sheer look of her as well.


kali mist seeds for sale

Kali Mist is a strain preferred by many women for its claimed ability to help fight menstrual pain. Not just a potential pain reliever, this 90% sativa carries all those distinctive traits creative women and men will be accustomed to. Relatively mold resistant you won’t have to worry about losing your precious plants whilst chasing the next big idea.



Choco Candy is not just a treat for the mind but those with a sweet tooth too. Visions of chocolate flowing fountains will fill you mind as you ride the sweet, earthy aroma of this insanely sweet strain. An incredibly smooth high, the energetic and uplifting nature makes it a perfect complement to those keen to explore the limits of the kitchen.


jack-herer Strain

A tribute to the marijuana activist Jack Herer. A seasoned veteran in the award scene, Jack Herer provides a high that is pleasant and ongoing, perfect for those looming deadlines and last minute creations. Grown outdoors, she can provide incredible rewards with humongous yields. The most important decision being do you want to keep this potent strain for yourself or get your friends on board with the everlasting creative high.


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