Ganja Props - Mail Order Marijuana, Cannabis Oil, Hash, Wax, Edibles is America’s #1 Mail Order Marijuana that caters to both recreational consumers and medical patients. With an incredible selection of cannabis products – Weed Buds, Cannabis Oil, Hash, Marijuana Concentrates (Weed Wax), Marijuana Edibles, Cannabis Seeds and more!. We understand the laws set on marijuana are unfair so we operate on a semi 420 mail order policy with thousands of packages DELIVERED WORLDWIDE and loved by many with guaranteed delivery or get your money back!

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GanjaProps covers shipping anywhere in USA & Canada when you Mail Order Marijuana on ALL ORDERS. For faster delivery we offer free WeedonWheels on orders over $500!
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We know our customers rely on our mail order weed for their pain management and medical care, and we take that very seriously. Read our FAQ for more about our Quality Assurance practices.

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With our extensive weed buds, weed wax and extracts ranging from budget to AAAA quality, we want you to have total confidence in what you’re getting from us when you buy weed online.

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Ganja Props isn’t just another “Online Marijuana Dispensary”.

We are passionate about our clients and marijuana products, thus piloting a level of professional commerce, responsibility and innovation into a sector that before very recently didn’t even exist. It’s very difficult to put a money back guarantee on consumables, but in our vision it exists.

Mail Order Marijuana with delivered-to-your-door service is really just the same evolution of commerce, with the highest available discretion and security.


Our infrastructure is built on over 25 years of eCommerce and tech experience. We have built eCommerce apps and websites for many businesses around the world.  And now we bring security and safety to mail order marijuana.
As such, we are cautious and are extremely proactive in securing our servers, databases and website(s). We offer mail order marijuana in USA, CA, UK, Europe, both fast and discreet and always include tracking numbers. Weed For SaleBuy Marijuana OnlineBuy Weed Online. We unsure a 128 bit encrypted connection, confidential systems, reliable delivery and quality products.
Major packaging step up ALERT!!  The GP bags look great and super professional. Making me proud to show off my stash. There was cardboard placed strategically to minimize crushing within the envelope. It’s nearly quadruple sealed and packed with the new GP bags. Upgrade on scent proofing. I’ve had six very successful deliveries with my only grievances being missing product due to shortage. Always rectified by either money back or a coupon made for my account. Seriously in love with you guys. Thanks for everything GP, Jeff and team!
CEO, Creative Market
I really do not understand why everyone is so butt hurt by the customer service. They always reply to my emails. They answer my support tickets. Does everyone on this review page expect that they will be perfect 100% of the time. No. No one on earth is. Give them a break. Can you see how many orders they are getting? Obviously they are busy. I have spent over $1000 on this website. The only hiccup they have made was with my December, 5 order. They sent me a email and are replacing my order and I might still receive my original order. That is fine with me. Its Christmas, quit being cry babies. Thank you Jeff and everyone on the Ganja team for all that you do for me and everyone else. Keep up the good work.
Creative Director of DeviserWeb
Thanks a lot Ganja Props! I placed an order on January 1 and it ended up at the Undeliverable Mail Office in Scarborough Ontario. I contacted Tom and he personally took care of sending me a replacement order which I have received and the products are very good quality and I’m really happy with the Customer Support. Thanks again Tom, Ganja Props is definitely my go to source for high grade premium marijuana, concentrates and edibles. Even though it was very busy during the holidays, Tom still took the time and care to personally see my order through to the end and I appreciate the Customer Support that I received.Ganja Props is a top notch company and I highly recommend using them for your mail order marijuana and medical needs. I’m a customer for life now! Thanks again Ganja Props!!
Mark Anwar
CEO, Bdpark Market
This is by far the best mail order marijuana site in USA!. I have been around and nothing comes even close for quality of product and service. Everything from the packaging on up is so professional I was shocked to be honest. The whole process was smooth as stated and nothing was out of order or not as advertised. Amazing prices for what you are getting here, and if something goes wrong in the end they will correct it from what I have seen in posts from others. I did see the odd complaint in comments but these people are half retarded and are the type that will complain no matter how good things are, so never mind them and just order and enjoy great service and great products. Thanks Guys.

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